Welcome Welcome to the Apollo website.  We are developing an advanced two seat canard aircraft that offers better comfort, safety, ergonomics and utility than comparable designs.  The Apollo combines composite construction and high performance with a stall-proof configuration that is inherently safer than conventional aircraft.  The aerodynamic design was carefully optimized to enhance the benefits of a canard configuration while minimizing any drawbacks. The Apollo currently exists as a 3D digital mockup.  Until the aircraft has been constructed and tested, this website will focus on the design process, engineering analysis, and technical details.  Site navigation is easy!  The menu bar across the top takes you to all major sections.  Each button has drop-down menus for exploring different topics within that section.  You can click on the Site Map link at the bottom of every page to find the location of any other page. The screenshots below show the Apollo in its final configuration.  Many more photos and structural details are available in the photo gallery.  I look forward to hearing your comments and questions.     Copyright © 2012 Apollo Canard Site Map Email the Designer