Frequently Asked Questions Q: Will plans or kits be available for the Apollo? The long term goal is to market plans and prefabricated parts for the Apollo.  Currently, we are still engineering the aircraft and construction has not begun.  Nothing will be offered to the public until the aircraft has been built and successfully tested.  We are several years away from that point. Q: Does the low wing increase the risk of dragging a winglet on landing?  Would this do structural damage to the winglet? The Apollo’s blended winglet has the same ground clearance as the lower winglet on a Cozy IV, so there is no additional risk relative to that aircraft.  Winglet clearance is reduced when the swept wing lowers the wingtips during the landing flare.  If there is too much wing rock in that condition, you could scrape the aft end of the winglet blend area.  That would do some cosmetic damage and would need to be repaired, but it would not damage the winglet spar or the structural plies.  This would be a rare event based on the Cozy’s record. Q: Are you intending to use swept wing adornments like fences and/or discontinuous leading edges? I think vortilons will definitely be beneficial, if not required.  As a point of reference, we will build the Apollo without vortilons and then gradually test towards the aft CG.  The tests would be repeated after vortilons are installed to quantify the improvement. Q: Why aren’t you using solid foam core wings like the Long-EZ and other canard aircraft? There are two reasons: 1. The hot-wired Styrofoam core used for the Long-EZ wing is not compatible with avgas.  Since the Apollo carries fuel in the main wing instead of strakes, we limit the use of Styrofoam to the blended winglet areas only - far away from any fuel. 2. The Apollo’s wing has longer chords and more volume than the wing panels used on the Long-EZ or Cozy; and preliminary calculations determined that solid foam core would be heavier than the built-up rib/spar/skin structure used by the Apollo. Taken together, it was an easy decision to avoid the use of solid foam wings on the Apollo. Send your questions to: Site Map Email the Designer Copyright © 2012 Apollo Canard