Links Central States Association  Social networking site for canard pilots/builders/enthusiasts. Homebuilt Airplanes  Forum where amateur aircraft designers and builders discuss old and new technologies.  A well run and informative site! Canard Aviation Forum  Members discuss building, modifying and flying canard aircraft. XFLR5  Homepage for the XFLR5 analysis tool used for the Apollo’s airfoils, wing and winglets. DaVinci Technologies  Website for Airplane PDQ and Airfoil Optimizer software. Profili Software  A popular tool for creating and analyzing airfoils.  Large airfoil database included. AeroFoil  Another decent airfoil analysis program.  Free trial available. CompuFoil  For creating foam airfoil templates, built-up wings, leading edge shaping guides, etc. Aircraft Design  Self-promoter Dan Raymer’s website.  Lots of interesting stuff.  He wrote the highly respected textbook entitled “Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach” as well as “Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders”. UIUC Airfoil Database  Large airfoil database maintained by the University of Illinois. Airfoil Investigation  Another database of airfoils that includes some performance data. Aircraft Spruce  The largest homebuilt aircraft supply company. Cozy Aircraft  The unofficial Cozy builders website.  Lots of good info. EZ Squadron  Website and forum for Long-EZ pilots.  The Links page has an extensive list of resources for canard builders. Site Map Email the Designer Copyright © 2012 Apollo Canard