CAD Gallery Site Map Email the Designer Copyright © 2012 Apollo Canard The Apollo structure is fully defined in the digital mockup Fuselage assembly is aided by tab & slot construction; bulkheads are located via tabs that fit into slots in the center keel The fit and function of all parts are verified in the CAD database Engine is Lycoming O-360A with updraft cooling and 4-into-1 exhaust; oil cooler is visible on left side Electrically actuated nose gear retracts during flight and when entering or exiting the aircraft on the ground, like a kneeling camel! This side view shows part of the header tank (in red) located between the seats and baggage compartment The retracted landing brake and NACA air inlet duct for engine cooling are shown Main gear and spar attachments can be seen at center of picture Nose gear retracts during flight and for entry/exit ease on the ground Blended winglets + laminar airfoil + no strakes = more efficient wing Wing span is 29.0 feet with canted winglets Left side view shows aft half of NACA inlet duct on bottom of fuselage plus air filter box and 4-into-1 exhaust Rudders in winglets are cable actuated; rudder return spring is higher up (out of view) Ailerons are actuated via push-pull tubes (some bracket fasteners are omitted); right fuel cap is visible near top Electrak S12-17A8-04 actuator attaches to seatback bulkhead (not shown)